Overthinking: 5 Ways Ease Your Mind From It

What exactly is overthinking? according to the dictionary, Meriam-Webster (n.d.) Overthinking is to think about a certain issue in a way that is more harmful than helpful. Meaning that overthinking stuff will make your life harder. The feeling of never-ending thoughts that won’t go away from your mind is awful. Overthinking will messes up your decision-making. Simple things become complicated and small problems turn into something more complex. So you can imagine how does one feels when overthinking major problems.

Overthinking can be triggered by many things. The problem someone is currently facing and feeling concerned about the future are some of them. When someone is already falling deep into the realm to which that their mind will overthink anything, it will be hard for their mind to completely break out of it. Even though it’s hard, it’s still 100% possible to be better at handling Overthinking and hopefully reduce the effect that comes with it.

1. Be Aware of What Triggers Your Anxiety

You might have an experience where you are in the process of thinking about an issue and unconsciously you start thinking about something else that might happen. All the consequences of one deed, inevitable things you might encounter, sudden change in your plan, and even sometimes already thinking about how to deal with your failure.

It’s good to think about a backup plan and all the possibilities that might happen. But, you need to know where to stop when your mind started to get out of hand. You need to be aware at all times when your mind starts to act. Do not complicate things that should have been simple. It will make your decision-making ten times faster.

2. The More Productive the Better

It is natural for people to be concern about their future. However, thinking about it too much will only slow down your progression. To achieve greatness, you have to work for it. Therefore, you are increasing the chance of success by working on something you desired. When you know you have a high chance of achieving your dream, indirectly, the thoughts will ease your mind from overthinking.

Furthermore, working hard and being productive will also distract you from overthinking itself.

3. Train Your Mind to be More Positive

Naturally, overthinking related to things that are negatives in a way. Failure, loss, defeat, declined, etc are things associated with overthinking. In that case, you need to start training your mind to be able to think positively. Slowly flood your mind with positive attitudes towards yourself. Eventually, this will change your way of thinking. People that have enough positive emotions can better deal with everyday difficulties and can also be more prepared for stressful events (Petric, 2018). You can start by fully trusting yourself.

  • Believe in yourself that you are capable of accomplishing your goal;
  • That you are worthy of becoming successful;
  • and believe that you have the power to attain greatness.

4. Be The One in Charge

Fight it! You don’t want Overthinking to control you. You need to be the one who controls your mind, controls what you are thinking. Give affirmations to yourself that you are the rightful owner of your mind.

  • I can be happy! I’m the one in charge of my mind.
  • I’m strong enough to not let these problems manipulate my mind.
  • I refuse to believe all the possible disasters my mind has shown me. I am better than what my mind is thinking.

5. Live Your “Now” to The Fullest

Free your mind from those future possibilities. Live your life to the fullest. Especially everything that currently going on. You have to remember that every little thing you do right now will influence your future. Similar to what is mentioned in point number 2 that if you keep working hard, you will increase the probability of you being a success.

You also need to be patient. Accept that you can not control everything. Live your now to the fullest. Do what is best for now and think less about the future.

Now, hopefully, you get the idea of how to deal with your overthinking. Completely getting rid of it might be difficult, but it is not impossible. Keep doing your best at containing your negative thoughts. Eventually, you forget that those thoughts even exist. Petric (2018) mentioned that love probably the strongest positive emotion and might be the cure for overthinking and anxiety. So, love yourself and be positive!

Thank you for checking out my first article! I’m really honored.




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