Passion vs Money: What I Have Been Thinking

Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash

Get an Unrelated Job or Sharpen My Skill First?

It would be great if I get an opportunity to sharpen my writing skill with an internship or related job. But, it’s been months and all I see is rejection. I’m unemployed right now, it’s obvious that I’m broke.

Why Didn’t I Give Up?

This thing has also been in my mind lately. I’ve been thinking to get a job unrelated to my passion. Well of course it has to be a job that pays well. Working on a job that isn’t your passion is going to be a little draining. But, that doesn't mean that I would hate it. It’s just that the motivation which drives me to do the job is likely different.


I would be happy if I get a job related to my passion. It would be even better if the job I’m passionate about pays me well. But, it all comes down to me on how hard I keep pursuing my passion. If I get a job that is far from what I want. I would be fine with it as long as the job provides many benefits and a high salary.



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